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The Full Story

Hello, my name is David Philip Ireland, and I am thrilled to introduce myself as a performance poet, singer, musician and artist. 


With my upcoming project, "Rattlesnake Jar," I am excited to share a powerful and intimate glimpse into my world and my art.


Throughout my long and storied career, I have had the privilege of performing alongside some truly remarkable musicians, including BB King, Sparks, Yes, Kayak, Boudewijn de Groot, and many others. I am also the host of a weekly music and poetry Zoom evening, where I create a space for people to come together and connect through the power of words and music.


In "Rattlesnake Jar," my multi-media book, CD and vinyl collection, I explore uncharted territories of the human experience through spoken word poetry and musical soundscapes. I believe that this project, in combination with my extensive experience and passion for performance, will allow me to connect with new and diverse audiences.


The musical soundscapes, created by me, are just as unconventional as the poems themselves. Blending elements of world music, classical, and contemporary sound, the musical arrangements add a unique flavor to each piece, enhancing the message of the poetry.


"Rattlesnake Jar" invites the listener on a journey of empathy, understanding, and reflection, with themes ranging from social justice and political activism to self-discovery and personal growth. I am eager to share my latest work with the world and to continue creating spaces for people to come together and connect through the transformative power of words and music.


Thank you for taking the time to get to know me and my work. I look forward to sharing my art with you.

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